A break from the normal TRUPHX posts…

I’ve always had a curiosity about the buildings that once existed Downtown, one of those being the old FOX Theatre. After doing some research on The FOX I found several pictures online and decided to see where it once stood (south east corner of 1st Street and Washington) and to my dismay I came upon an empty lot.

I stood there and imagined what that corner once looked like, families w/kids coming in and out of the the theatre, teenagers on their first dates, local Phoencians watching “Psycho” and catching glimpses of Downtown Phoenix in the film. 

I snapped a picture of the lot and in photoshop superimposed an old picture of The FOX on top of the picture I took of the lot w/modern day Phoenix surrounding it and came up w/the picture above. Since then I’ve done several dozen other pictures and at the urging of family and friends I had a show during First Friday in May at Nostra Style House entitled  ”Forgotten Phoenix”.

The following pictures are what was on display and again I did these for fun and my own curiosity and not for profit.

If you repost any of the pics I ask that you please include the TRUPHX link.

Thank You and Enjoy!

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    Speaking of downtown Phoenix’s opening shot in Psycho…
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    Some hometown history at its Finest! how cool is this…
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    Fun fact my great grandfather ran the fox theater in Phoenix then the fox theater in Yuma, and my grandma has some of...
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    Another take on the ol’ “then and now” holding-up-a-photo history thing.
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